Friday, 24 September 2010

Sherlock Holmes Books: Sherlock Holmes vs Skeletor

It seems like there's been something of a rash of these kind of Sherlock Holmes books recently (see Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies). Available from Appalling Nonsense (no comment) - Sherlock Holmes vs Skeletor is a short, only 18 pages, book of extremely silly cartoons. Not that we are against silliness at Sherlock Holmes books towers - and these are quite fun. 

Basically the premise is this - Sherlock Holmes and Skeletor are enemies. Not the arch kind like Moriarty and Holmes but more the petty neighbourly type. Cue lots of tricks - Skeletor swaps Holmes 40 watt lightbulb for a 1000 watt one, Holmes "accidently" sprays water on Skeletor's thongs while they are drying on the washing line and so it goes on. 

At 18 pages it doesn't outstay its welcome - and the while the cartoons are simply drawn, the cover is certainly eye catching. 

£3.50 including postage from Appalling Nonsense. 

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