Thursday, 24 November 2011

Review: Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm

Fire Storm is the fourth and latest book in Andrew Lane's Young Sherlock Holmes series.  The series chronicles Holmes' life as a teenager before he became the world's greatest consulting detective.

It's a series aimed at teenagers although  adult readers will also find plenty to enjoy.  Personally I found the last outing - Black Ice - a little lack lustre as it relied a bit too much on one of the weaker and less mobile characters while the more interesting ones were sidelined.

For me, Fire Storm was an action-packed multilayered return to form. It's not quite as good as Red Leech, my current favourite of the series, but it's close.

In Fire Storm, we learn the answers to several secrets: Who exactly is the mysterious housekeeper? And who is Amyus Crowe? More of Holmes' background is also revealed which nicely foreshadows his future life. 

Be warned the book's blurb is slightly misleading. It takes a good third of the book before the Crowe family disappears - and I don't recall their neighbours saying they had never heard of them.

I am often dazzled by the sheer pace of these books.  Barely a paragraph or even sentence is wasted before a new plot twist or escapade is revealed.   But there's also a little time reserved for the quieter more reflective moments.

Given the ending I hope we don't have to wait very long before the next book in the series appears.

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