Friday, 2 November 2012

Coming soon: Sherlock Holmes 101 A 101 Book

Coming soon…

Sherlock Holmes 101 A 101 Book

Sherlock Holmes 101 A 101 Book

by Kenneth Hite

This book, the next in the "101 Series," aims at people who may know a little bit about Sherlock Holmes, or may have read him as a kid, but don't want to dive right into a whole mass of tie-ins and sequels and movies and everything else. It's for people who are "Holmes-curious," who will maybe see the Robert Downey Jr. movie and get their Sherlockian blood rising. The goal is for someone to be able to buy this, and then buy a bunch of other Sherlock-Holmes-related stuff with confidence. Modeled after such short, light-tone books as the "Bluffers Guide" series, SHERLOCK HOLMES 101 combines clear, basic answers to common first questions ("Who is Sherlock Holmes?" "Who is Conan Doyle?" "Who is Moriarty?" with lists ("10 Best Original Sherlock Holmes Stories," "Scotland Yard's Most Wanted: Holmes' Greatest Villains," "Sherlock's Smart Remarks: 10 Best Holmesian Lines," "10 Best Sherlock Holmes Stories Not By Watson (or Doyle)," "12 Great Sherlock Holmes Crossovers") and overviews of Sherlock Holmes' mythology ("We Settle The Great Controversies," "Whatever Happened to Irene Adler?" "Holmes vs. The Ripper") and his place in pop culture history ("13 Sherlock Holmes Knockoffs", "Sherlock On The Small Screen," "Holmesian Games," "Sherlockian Comics", etc.).

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