Monday, 28 January 2013

Coming soon: Sherlock Holmes: The Complete and Unabridged Novels

Preorder this new Sherlock book:

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete and Unabridged Novels

by Athur Conan Doyle

A dazzling compendium featuring all four original Sherlock Holmes novels

Perfect for mystery lovers, this anthology collects together the only four full-length novels starring the super sleuth Sherlock Holmes. Published in 1887, A Study in Scarlet was the first novel to feature Holmes and presents a grisly murder to the detective and his new-found companion, Dr. Watson. In The Sign of Four, Holmes must solve a perplexing case involving a damsel in distress, intrigue in colonial India, stolen treasure, a baffling murder, and four despicable ex-convicts. The Hound of the Baskervilles—perhaps the most famous of all Sherlock Holmes titles—features bizarre behavior and mysterious deaths on the Devon moors. In The Valley of Fear, Holmes unravels the mystery of a dead man's mistaken identity and faces up to his old foe, Professor Moriarty.

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