Monday, 18 February 2013

Coming soon: Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston: The Giant Moles

Coming soon…

Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston: The Giant Moles

by Mike Hogan

Christmas 1887. With his mother and father away on a European tour, young Winston Churchill, now thirteen years of age, spends his Christmas holidays with Holmes and Watson. Young Winston is a lively addition to the household, but Watson cannot help thinking that a cuckoo has landed in the nest at 221B. Holmes places a reliance upon the boy that appears quite unfair. He gives the boy tasks that would previously have fallen to Watson's lot. A boy of thirteen can hardly be expected to bring to a problem the expertise and sagacity of a seasoned professional or can he? Perhaps it is time for Winston to spend more time with his brother and his nanny. Young Churchill assists Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson as they trace the missing Apostles' papers, expose the mad doctor of Hammersmith and track the Giant Moles of Paradol Hall in Herefordshire.

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