Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Coming soon: The Sherlock Holmes Detective Club

Check out this new Sherlock book…

The Sherlock Holmes Detective Club

by Gloria Alden

Mrs. Alden's third grade class is thrilled when she brings in a suitcase she found. They get to be detectives as they examine the contents and try to discover the owner, who turns out to be Alice Van Brocken, an elderly woman on the track of jewel thieves she had seen stealing a diamond necklace. As she travels about the country on their trail, she writes to the students telling them of her adventures which are often dangerous. They write back and give her both advice and encouragement. By the time she eventually brings the thieves to justice, Alice and the students have become lasting friends and the students know a lot more about the places in the U.S. Alice visited on her adventure.

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