Friday, 31 May 2013

Coming soon: Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein's Diary (Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (Severn))

This new Sherlock Holmes book is out soon.

Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein's Diary (Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (Severn))

by Barry Grant

A scientist who tortures apes in a mountain lab. A corpse in a locked study. A super-hacker called Black Swann. These send Sherlock Holmes from Switzerland to the English countryside - plunging him into an Orwellian world where tabloids, government and police have made a devil's pact to hack the private lives of citizens.

With animal and human rights threatened, Holmes moves to end the mad experiments of Professor Droon, find what killed Sylvia Swann, and save Inspector Lestrade from corrupt superiors.

Quick and quirky as ever, Sherlock is fully recovered from the icy journey that carried him from 1914 to the present day. And in this fourth adventure he proves yet again the superiority of mind over megabytes.

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